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Release Notes for Equalizer 0.5

Welcome to Equalizer 0.5, a framework for the development and deployment of parallel, scalable OpenGL applications. Equalizer 0.5 adds a new 'pixel' task decomposition mode for fill-rate bound applications such as raytracing and volume rendering, and speeds up database (sort-last) decompositions significantly.

Equalizer 0.5 is a beta release, and therefore targeted towards application developers and early adopters.


Equalizer provides the following major features to facilitate the development and deployment of scalable OpenGL applications. A detailed feature list can be found on the Equalizer website.

New in this release

The following features, bug fixes and documentation changes where introduced in this release:

New Features

Performance Improvements

Bug Fixes

Equalizer 0.5 includes various bugfixes over the previous release, including the following:


The Programming Guide has been extended to 43 pages. The following documentation has been added:

Removed Features


Supported Platforms

Equalizer is a cross-platform toolkit, designed to run on any modern operating system, including all Unix variants and the Windows operating system. A compatibility matrix can be found on the Equalizer website. Version 0.5 has been tested on:

Operating System Support

Window System Support


The Programming Guide is part of the Equalizer and can be found online. Equalizer does not yet have an Users Guide. The shipped eqPly example provides a reference for developing or porting applications. The Developer Documentation on the website provides further design documents for specific features. The source code is a last resort for information.


Technical questions can be posted to the Developer Mailing List, or directly to info@equalizergraphics.com.

Commercial support, custom software development and porting services are available from EyeScale. Please contact info@eyescale.ch for further information.