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GPU Affinity Checker

The GPU Affinity Checker is a simple program which lists all available GPU's using the WGL_NV_gpu_affinity extension. It is useful to verify that your system is configured correctly for Equalizer. It works only on Windows with nVidia Quadro FX graphics cards.

The tool is automatically build when using the Visual Studio 2005 solution. A precompiled executable can be found here, and the source in tools/affinityCheck/affinityCheck.cpp.

Example Output

GPU 0: NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 used on [0 0 1600 1200]
GPU 1: NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 used on [1600 0 1600 1200]

Network Benchmark Tool

Equalizer provides netperf, a command line tool to benchmark network throughput of all supported protocols. It is automatically compiled during the build process, and the source code is in tools/netperf/netperf.cpp.

Netperf differs from other similar tools in that it uses the Equalizer source code. This has the benefit of benchmarking 'the real thing' for Equalizer applications, and furthermore allows benchmarking of other protocols such as InfiniBand SDP and RSP reliable multicast.

Netperf is either invoked as a server (receiver) or client (sender). The server(s) are always started before the client(s). For unicast protocols, one server can receive data from multiple clients. For multicast protocols, one client can send data to multiple servers. For technical reasons, only one process can open a multicast connection on a single endpoint (interface, IP, port).

The protocol and protocol parameters are specified on the command line, along with other optional parameters. The following connections types are supported:

Example Output

eile% ./release/bin/netperf -s :4242 -n 100000 -p 8192
Recv perf: 515.113MB/s (65934.4pps) from TCPIP#102400#
0 clients

eile% ./release/bin/netperf -c :4242 -n 100000 -p 8192
Send perf: 515.154MB/s (65939.7pps)
Send perf: 494.175MB/s (63254.4pps)


GLAsync is a small, independent C++ class delivering asynchronous OpenGL downloads in the spirit of the SGIX_async extension.

GLAsync is completely independent from Equalizer. This download is offered for historical reasons, and the usage of the new ARB_sync extension is encouraged.

Links: Documentation, Changelog, Latest Version.

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