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Equalizer 0.5 improves scalability with pixel compounds and faster sort-last compositing

A Pixel Compound
A Three-to-One Pixel Decomposition

We are pleased to announce the release of Equalizer 0.5, a framework for the development and deployment of parallel OpenGL applications. Equalizer 0.5 focuses on scalability, most notably by adding pixel compounds for fill-rate-bound applications and a 2-4x performance increase during sort-last compositing. The Programming Guide has been extended to 43 pages and covers various new topics. Preview the content and order your hardcopy today at lulu.com!

Equalizer 0.5 now uses GLEW to provide easy-to-use OpenGL extension handling in parallel OpenGL applications. The new support for off-screen PBuffers on all platforms opens new use cases for Equalizer-based applications, for example seamless integration for scalability on multi-GPU workstations. Where available, image compression during network transfer has been accelerated using OpenMP.

We would like to thank all individuals and parties who have contributed to the development of Equalizer 0.5.

The full release notes for version 0.5 are available at

Commercial support, custom software development and porting services are available from Eyescale Software GmbH. Please contact info@eyescale.ch for further information.

Bucky Ball data set courtesy of AVS, USA