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Equalizer 1.0-alpha delivers scalability and flexibility for OpenGL applications

We are pleased to announce the release of Equalizer 1.0 alpha and Collage 0.1.

Equalizer is the standard framework to create and deploy parallel, scalable OpenGL applications. Collage is a cross-platform C++ library for building heterogenous, distributed applications, used as the cluster backend for the Equalizer.

The most notable new features in this release are:

This release is intended for application developers to provide feedback and preview the Equalizer 1.0 release. Please check the release notes on the Equalizer website for a comprehensive list of new features, enhancements, optimizations and bug fixes.

We would like to thank all individuals and parties who have contributed to the development of Equalizer 1.0.

Commercial support, custom software development and porting services are available from Eyescale Software GmbH. Please contact info@eyescale.ch for further information.