[eq-dev] Server::useConfig segmentation fault in 0.6 RC1

Juan Hernando jhernando at fi.upm.es
Thu Dec 4 16:43:58 CET 2008

Sorry I attached the wrong file.

Juan Hernando escribió:
> Dear Equalizer developers,
> Recently I've started porting and MPK based application to Equalizer. In 
> order to initialize the configuration, the old application enabled the 
> user to provide a configuration at runtime. In Equalizer that's trickier 
> to do because I need to start the eqServer from my application.
> So instead of doing that I'd like to use a local server inside the 
> application node process and use Server::useConfig to give the 
> configuration as a string. I know the function is undocumented and may 
> disappear but in my case, it's useful, unless there is an easier way of 
> starting the server with a user given configuration.
> I've written a small test, which now is working. However it was crashing 
> in the beginning and after some debugging I've come across something 
> that, to me, seems to be a bug in Server::useConfig. Analyzing the code 
> I've found that there is a difference between chooseConfig and useConfig 
> in the sequence of operations performed in the server, while the first 
> one calls Server::addConfig for the default config at some moment, the 
> latter doesn't.
> After the following change in Server::_cmdUseConfig:
>     EQINFO << "Using config: " << endl << Global::instance() << config 
> << endl;
>     config->setApplicationNetNode( node );
>     +addConfig( config );
>     mapConfig( config );
> the test application works.
> Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong in my test program (find the 
> source attached)?
> Thanks and best regards,
> Juan Hernando
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